HRBMP Member Spotlight:

Back in the early 80’s, a handful of local journalists came together with common goals: Increase newsroom diversity, push for greater content coverage of the minority community, and advocate for better jobs and promotions for minority journalists.


We discovered that together we were a force to be reckoned with, we could speak truth to power. We created Tidewater Media Professionals which was later renamed “Hampton Roads Black Media Professionals.”


Not only did we create a Chapter that made things happen in local newsrooms, we raised thousands of dollars in scholarship money to grow the next generation of Journalists.  We also provided professional development to our working chapter members.


Along the way we also helped educate newsroom managers on how vital diversity is to not only the community they serve, but it’s good business.


In 2016, HRBMP can celebrate many accomplishments since that day the chapter was  created around a kitchen table,  the mission of diversity in content, newsrooms, and advocacy is more important than ever.

– Barbara Ciara



Barbara was the keynote speaker at Regent University’s Law and Order: The Impact of Social Injustice on the Minority Psyche event that examined justice issues that have been the topic of recent news stories.

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