NABJ -- NABJ President, Bob Butler, appointed Region II Director Lee Ivory as NABJ Secretary.  Lee previously was appointed Region II Director for NABJ in September 2013 when the role was vacant. With his promotion to NABJ Secretary, broadcast veteran Troy Johnson is now Region II Director.


Lee currently teaches journalism and multimedia at American University in Washington and is a freelance editor. In 2011, he taught journalism and multimedia courses at Virginia Commonwealth University as the Virginius Dabney Distinguished Professor.

Previously, Lee worked at Gannett Company, Inc. for 26years in a variety of capacities, including news editor, managing editor and national editor for Gannett News Service. He also was publisher and executive editor of USA Today Sports Weekly.


Lee says, “As an HRBMP affiliate member, I look forward to serving as a resource for the organization and the communities it serves.  This is a great opportunity to help reestablish this chapter and to assist students who will one day have prominent roles in our career field.”



A portion of this article is an excerpt from an NABJ post.  Excerpt and photo posted with permission from NABJ.

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