What is HRBMP?


Hampton Roads Black Media Professionals, Inc. has been a highly respected non-profit presence in the community for nearly 35 years.  The organization is comprised of TV reporters, print reporters, editors, news photographers, mass communications/journalism educators, graphic artists, public relations professionals, freelancers, marketing and advertising professionals, media managers, social media practitioners, digital journalists, internet content developers, students and corporate partners.  Membership includes professionals and students throughout Hampton Roads, Richmond, VA and Northeastern, NC.  Its expanded membership also includes alumni and affiliate members located throughout the U.S.

HRBMP History

Hampton Roads Black Media Professionals, Inc. (HRBMP) was founded in 1982 as Tidewater Media Professionals (TMP). James Wright, widely recognized as the organization’s founding father, was concerned by the continuous negative portrayal of    Blacks in the media with little reported on the    positive contributions of the Black community. What    started out as conversations with a few peers    including, Barbara Ciara, Marvin Leon Lake, Lou    Paris, Don Roberts and Regina Willey quickly grew    into a membership of 25 media professionals    working in newspaper, television, radio, academia and public relations.

T   MP’s goals were as follows: to leverage members professional standing to influence how Blacks were portrayed in the media;   Read more...

HRBMP has as its purpose:


• Serve as a liaison between the community and the media.


• Provide the community with professional insight into media coverage and operations.


• Support the career development of media professionals.


• Create and fund scholarships to be awarded annually to eligible minority students pursuing media-related degrees.


• Present and provide partnership opportunities to produce activities and events that support HRBMP’s people, priorities and programs.



Ashley Smith

Anchor, 13News Now Daybreak







Johnnie Maples II

 Spectra at
Ted Constant Convocation Center



Brian Hill

Reporter, WTKR News 3


Nikki Curry

Media Brand Consultant/ Talent Producer

The Image Brand Company




Ted Heck

Owner, HECK Productions


HRBMP Lifetime Members/Past Presidents

1982-84         Don Roberts


1984-86         Regina Mobley


1986-87         Byron Pitts


1987-88         Charlise Lyles


1988-90         Arthur Fennell


NABJ Chapter of the Year 1990


1990-94         Barbara Ciara


1994-95         Ted Heck


     Arthur Fennell, NABJ President


1995-96         Barbara Hamm


1996-97         Beverly Williams


1997-98         Barbara Ciara


1998-99         Byron Burney


1999-00         Charles Taylor


2000-01         Karen Eure Wilson


2001-03         Marvin L. Lake


2003-05         Kafi Rouse


NABJ Chapter of the Year 2005


     Herb Lowe, NABJ President


2005-07         Marquita Smith


2007-09         Katrice Hardy Franklin


     Barbara Ciara, NABJ President


2009-11         Derrick Rose/Cheryl Ross


2011-13         Cheryl Ross


2014              Karen Eure Wilson

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